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Compliance Packaging

 Convenient pharmacy-made dosette packaging for eligible patients with 3 or more chronic medications to save time and improve compliance. Any charges are the usual you have to pay which your drug plan doesn't cover  (eg deductibles etc,we waive the $2 co-pay)

Meds Check Medication Review

Free one on one interaction with the pharmacist for eligible patients with 3 or more chronic medications to rule out drug interaction with  other prescription and non prescription medications.

Follow up on newly dispensed medicines

A follow up call by the pharmacist will enable you to discuss any concerns you have about your medicine and will let the pharmacist  determine if you are getting or have got the desired health outcome from the new medicine.

Faxing Renewal Request to Doctor's office

We fax the doctor's office for your renewals and if needed this may serve as a reminder to you to make an appointment with the doctor on a timely basis so as not to run out of your chronic medication and if the doctor is away and you need it we can also renew it for you so that there is no interruption of therapy.

Access to a wide range of front shop items

This service allows you to order almost any front shop  item from the comfort of your home. Just call the pharmacist and ask if she can bring in any particular item and she can check and let you know immediately. The item will be ordered from the supplier and you can pick it up at your convenience the next day upon receiving a call from the pharmacy. Before placing the order you have the freedom to do price comparison. Our products are sold at a predetermined  price and we don't do price match. Many clients have found our products to be very reasonably priced if not cheaper.